What is a Flat White and why Google distinguishes it?

He Flat white It’s not a latte. Another one cappuccino. No cut. He Flat white It’s more intense than a latte and less frothy than a cappuccino. This coffee is so peculiar that it has its own tribute: it is the protagonist of the doodle from Google today. But what exactly is it made of? It’s part of the Types of coffee with milk which are based on espresso.

The difference between them lies in the Treatment of milk. According to expert websites, Flat White is supposed to be free of air bubbles in the milk, but rather evaporated milk. Because of the protruding cream, it appears creamier. Or rather: frothed milk. In fact, these coffees usually have a drawing on the top when you order them in coffee shops.

Flat White and Google: from coffee to doodles

The increased interest in this type of coffee is due to this doodle this Monday a homage that Google pays to its search engine. He made his first move in 1998, when the company’s employees used it as an internal joke to announce that they were going to a festival. Something like a warning that they were leaving the office. Given the response to the message, they decided to continue the project to commemorate historical events, personalities and achievements in science and art. Today, the The protagonist is this coffee.

Where does Flat White come from?

The origin of the Flat White lies in between Australia and New Zealand. Alan Preston, an espresso enthusiast from North Queensland, would be one of the creators. In fact, he would have been the author of the abbreviated name White flat coffee to Flat White in 1985.

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Although it is true that there are some another name that refers to this type of coffee Milky. The one with the barista Fraser McInnes, who achieved a fine microfoam of milk while trying to make a creamy cappuccino. Nevertheless, he served it saying that it was a flat white, emphasizes the Café Barsel portal.

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