We declare war between Disney investors and shareholders

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At Disney, things are getting hot among investors and shareholders. And here we tell you how it is.

In any case, the business world is very complicated as we are talking about billions of dollars at stake in every decision that business people make (especially when it comes to very large and important companies). And that’s more or less what Disney’s investors and executives are going through, locked in a pretty intense battle..

For those who don’t know, Every quarter, the people who put money into Mickey Mouse’s house and the company’s top executives meet. The first want to know results – to know how their money was invested – and the second gives them all these details along with purposes and announcements of new projects.

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Disney investors will make a decision that will determine the future of the company

Usually their meetings take place like this and the session ends with it known that this company – perhaps the most important in the world of entertainment – makes a huge amount of money and is a “safe” bet. However, This time the situation at Disney is uncomfortable, as a meeting is planned that could change many things within the company..

It turns out that the main shareholders of the Mickey Mouse House have scheduled a meeting with the company’s mere groupers for April 3, at which, apparently A decision will be made as to whether the Walt Disney Company’s board of directors will be renewed or whether someone else will be at the helm. And yes, this would mean the departure of the company’s CEO, Bob Iger.

Bob Iger
Bob Iger, CEO of Disney. Photo: Reuters.

At this meeting Investors will vote on who stays on Disney’s board. According to specialist media Nelson Peltz, together with his investment fund Trian Fund Managente, will apply for two of the twelve seats on the board for him and the entertainment company’s former CFO, Jay Rasulo.

Nelson Peltz and his reasons for his power on the board of the Walt Disney Company

And on top of all that, Who is this Nelson Peltz and why is he so insistent on taking these seats? well then Peltz is an 81-year-old billionaire – and father-in-law of David Beckham – who has sharply criticized the major investments the Mickey Mouse House has made in recent years.. One of them was the purchase of Fox in 2019 for $71.3 billion, which left him with large debts and losses for the company.

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But that’s not all, because apparently His intention to create these spots on the Disney board could also be ideologicalwell, exactly the same has been complaining for some time about the inclusivity seen in the company’s productions. In particular, Nelson spoke about the fact that more and more of the company’s films or series “only feature women or African Americans.” You know, a very Trump vibe.

We explain what's happening to Disney investors and shareholders
Nelson Peltz wants to cause chaos at Disney/Photo: Getty Images

Nelson Peltz came to Disney, invested 900 million in stocks and retained 0.5% of the capitalwhich enabled him to join the company’s board. So far he had not intervened because, beyond his complaints about the projects, he seemed satisfied with the results. and the wool that the business left him. But now everything indicates that he wants to shake things up in the company and is looking for more power.

Peltz also tries to increase the price of Mickey Mouse’s house on the stock marketconsidering that “they lost the lead at the box office, got into the streaming business late and chose linear television at the wrong time.” Furthermore, he explained this The company cost its investors $200 billion in losses and you don’t believe that Bob Iger is up to the job of CEO, having returned in a big way to clean up the mess left behind by the previous CEO, Bob Chapek.

We explain what's happening to Disney investors and shareholders
Illustrative image by Disney/Photo: Getty Images

Even though Nelson Peltz is pulling the strings and causing chaos at Disney, Experts say he’s unlikely to take Iger’s job.. Actually, The billionaire himself has stated that he is not ready to accept the position and has no interest in being at the helm of the company.

But also, Several major names have come forward to support Bob Iger’s management and candidacy, like George Lucas, former CEO Michael Eisner and even the grandchildren of the company’s two founders, Walt and Roy Disney. Aside from that, Presumably more than half of the shareholders entitled to vote have already spoken out in favor of the current boss from Mickey Mouse’s house.

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Bob Iger, CEO of Disney. Photo: Getty.

The annual investor meeting will take place on April 3 at 11 a.m. (Central Mexico time). and we will definitely be following the initial reports of the meeting very closely, because as you have already seen, this will determine the future and many of the things that are soon to come for Disney.

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