Walking Dead: Dead City – The Maggie and Negan spin-off unveils its trailer | Geek Lands

Maggie And Negan are on a desperate mission to save Hershel, the child of Maggie, in the new trailer for DeadCity the spin-off of The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead had twelve seasons. While AMC’s biggest hit may be over, the TwD universe will outlive it in the form of spin-offs, as three new series will join fear the walking dead In the coming months.

First of all, the unlikely duo formed by Maggie And Negan will team up for a mission in a zombie-infested New York, hence the title Walking Dead: Dead City.

Fans wondering why Maggie would dream of teaming up with Negan again have a start of the answer in the trailer below. We see Maggie recruiting Negan to help her find her son Hershel who has obviously been kidnapped.

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