United States: Hundreds of inmates arrested for a computer bug

In Arizona, it is possible that some inmates are guilty of minor offenses, to get early release. In case of good behavior or participation in prison life, prisoners accumulate credits that allow their release earlier. Only here, because of a computer bug, hundreds of inmates eligible for this early release, are being kept behind bars.

(Credit: Ross D. Franklin/AP)

This is the site 01.net qui relays this case revealed by the radio KJZZ, a member of the NPR (American Public Radio) network in Arizona. In fact, the software that manages these credits accumulated by prisoners would fail. This software,ACIS, used by many prisons in Arizona and even in other states in the country, would no longer take into account early release credits arrested.

According to the radio KJZZ, prison authorities would be aware of this situation, that has been happening since 2019. The Department of Correction identified 733 inmates affected by this computer bug, who should therefore have been released from prison. A figure below reality according to KJZZ.

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