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Umtiti: “People think I’m on the couch all day”

After sending some cryptic messages on Instagram in recent times in which it was already sensed that he wanted to vent, Samuel Umtiti granted an interview to Sports world in which he tells his truth and announces that he is not going to go to the winter market. “I am not considering leaving in January; my intention is to fulfill the contract.”

Umtiti rebels against the fame of little worker that has been created around him after his continuous knee injuries: “Since I don’t speak, people think that I don’t do anything, that I’m on the couch all day. And I’ve worked a lot. I’m physically better now than when I arrived at Barça and I hope to have the opportunity to prove it. “

The Frenchman admits that he broke down in the famous meeting with the president, Joan Laporta: “I cried when I spoke to the president; I spoke to him from my heart. The truth is that the conversation was very important to me. He needed to speak and say things clearly; let him know that I’m fine, that I want to help the team “

“The whistles of the Gamper hurt me; I never thought that would happen. I love Barça, but it seems that it is useless. Yes, it’s just the word. I have felt alone. Luckily I’m strong now. “, Explains the Frenchman, who defends himself throughout the interview, also from those who condemn that the recovery from his left knee injury was not the best:” I think I have not made mistakes; I visited three or four doctors who told me that I should not have surgery and the club told me: okay. “And he dreams of an opportunity: “I know we are six centrals, I know I have a difficult time but I am stubborn; I want to help the team and I wait for an opportunity to show that I am fine, but this is getting a little rough. “

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