Apple CEO Tim Cook is pleased to launch the Self-Service Repair program, saying the program is ideal for technicians and enthusiasts. “Trained to do this.”

Apple’s Self-Service Repair Program will offer users the opportunity to purchase genuine Apple components and tools for regular iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 repairs.

In an interview during the opening of The Grove’s relocated Apple Store in Los Angeles, Cook made some observations about the initiative as well as other areas.

“We realized that there were some people who wanted to do this and who were trained for it”Cook said. “They are the people of Popular Mechanics, if you will, whom I love and have dedicated my whole life to.”

Cook claims that “It’s nice to get the manuals and components that allow people to do that,” but he adds that there is always the Apple Store for those who are not comfortable doing their own repairs. “If you are a technician, do this”said the CEO.

As to what Cook is most excited about entering the upcoming Christmas season, he noted that Apple has the «Best product line» of history, and that he doesn’t have a favorite thing in particular. “They’re all my favorites, it’s like asking me who your favorite kid is.”

Cook, as usual, did not provide data on what the company is doing, but admitted that the company is “Very focused on augmented reality, very focused on artificial intelligence, very focused on autonomy, focused on all these things that are fundamental technologies.”


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