TikTok gives in to Brussels and suspends its points program in the Lite version to avoid EU sanctions

TikTok announced this Wednesday that has suspended the points program for the Lite version which was later introduced in Spain and France the European Commission threatened him to do so for launching the new application without first publishing the risk analysis report required by the EU. “TikTok is always committed to working constructively with the European Commission and other regulators. Therefore, we are voluntarily suspending the rewards program on TikTok Lite while we address the concerns raised,” the Chinese social network platform said in a statement . X

TikTok Lite allowed users to earn points for watching or posting videos by following content creators or other friends on the platform, with the ability to redeem them later on e-commerce stores. a practice the Commission considers “addictive”. and that it poses a risk, particularly to minors.

Brussels accuses TikTok, owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, of launching its lite version before the report on the possible risk was published This may arise for users obliged by the new European Union Digital Services Law. For this reason, last Monday the company threatened a fine of 1% of its annual global turnover or 5% of its average global turnover, as well as penalties for each day of delay if it did not provide a risk analysis, which it has already done, as reported today by the European Commission confirmed.

So TikTok avoided the fine, but has decided to suspend its points program while the municipal council analyzes the report presented to it today by the commission. Canceling the points program means, in practice, suspending the Lite version as users lose interest in this new application.

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The EU Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton, assured this in a statement Brussels continues to analyze the information to see whether TikTok violated the Digital Services Act by launching the application without first publishing the risk report. “Our children are not social media guinea pigs,” Breton said.

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