This video shows the innovative retractable camera mechanism of the Huawei Pura 70 Ultra

Huawei’s latest flagship phone in China, the Pure 70 Ultra, has been closely examined thanks to a new teardown video.

The Pura 70 Ultra has a slim design with a narrow bezel around the display, metal frame and a leather back. However, it is a bit heavy at 232 grams.

The highlight of the Pura 70 Ultra is its innovative retractable main chamber. This design allows the lens to sit flush with the back of the phone when not in use. Not only does it protect the lens from scratches, but the retractable mechanism also allows Huawei to fit a larger sensor in a relatively compact space.

The retraction mechanism uses stepper motors and is also IP68 dust and waterproof certified. In the video (in Chinese) we can see how this mechanism works.


Finally, the Pura 70 Ultra has the Kirin 9010 processor inside, whose performance is closer to chips like the Snapdragon 888 or the Dimensity 8200.

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