This is the top 3 of the best game consoles of the moment

Now that the component crisis is behind us, game consoles are no longer lacking on store shelves.

And Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo remain the top three for gamers, each having a wide range of games available. Let’s remember the strengths of the beloved PS5, Xbox Series X and Switch.

PS5 remains at the top of player preferences

playstation 5
PlayStation 5 is available in Portugal for a price starting at 549 euros Cré[email protected]

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is still the console of choice for most gamers and that’s because of its solid hardware and beyond. In terms of processing power, the Sony console is one of the most powerful currently on the market.

On the other hand, the DualSense controller provides an intense response that is very pleasant for gamers, as well as adaptive triggers that change the functionality of the L2 and R2 buttons, depending on the needs of each game.

Another strong purchase argument is undoubtedly its catalog of exclusive games, which includes titles like God of War: Ragnarök, The Last of Us and even the Final Fantasy saga.

The PlayStation 5 is in such “good health” on the market that some sources suggest that Sony could launch a new version later this year: the PS5 Pro.

Microsoft Xbox Series X: the rival of PS5 that casts its shadow

Microsoft Xbox Series X/S
Xbox also currently has the Series S model available, pictured here on the [email protected]

And with a rival like Xbox Series X, Sony will always have to fight in the console market. Microsoft teams have the Game Pass service that provides access to several very interesting games, as well as exclusive titles Redfall and Forza Motor Sport.

Another draw is cross-buying between titles available for Windows and Xbox. After all, most Xbox console owners have a PX too, right?

Plus: If Microsoft manages to pull off the Activision purchase, expect the console to have a whole new interest. That’s why Sony is fighting so hard to stop this acquisition.

Nintendo Switch: the best to take everywhere

nintendo switch
The OLED model of the Nintendo Switch costs €[email protected]

Be it the basic variant or the Lite variant, the Nintendo Switch is the best handheld console currently available. It enjoys great success among younger players, precisely because of its portability.

Another of the very seductive attributes of this console are the multiplayer competitions. Of course, other consoles also have this option, but Nintendo has always integrated this feature, thinking of those moments when several friends get together to play a friendly and healthy competition.

Examples of titles such as Mario Kart put this Nintendo idea into practice and delight all Nintendo’s loyal fans, from the smallest to parents and even grandparents of those same layers.

Then there’s the sturdiness feature, which is a crucial element in an easy-to-carry console. The Nintendo Switch, especially its Lite variant, was built with equipment durability in mind, and when it comes to younger generations, this is an almost mandatory attribute.

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