This 1977 Apple-1 computer is up for auction for “pasture”

Apple-1 computers are some of the rarest and most expensive Apple-related collectibles on sale. RR Auction announced today a auction of “Steve Jobs and the Computer Revolution” which includes an Apple-1 computer.

The Apple-1 that goes on sale is a new product, as it was not part of the well-known list of Apple-1 devices that are still in circulation.

It was first used as a demo system at the Data Domain computer store in Columbus, Indiana in 1977. It was later gifted to its current owner. The machine was signed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and it’s up and running.


In 1976, about 200 Apple-1 computers were manufactured, of which 175 were sold. A limited number of these devices remain and can sell for upwards of $400,000. Data Domain Apple-1 is considered an example “exceptional and historic” of one of the machines, and RR Auction expects it to sell for over $500,000.

is also for sale an original sealed iPhoneas a first-generation sealed iPhone just sold for over $63,000, which is well above the asking price of $599. Bidding for the RR auction model is already approaching $5,000, and it is expected to sell for over $20,000.

Other objects for sale These are handwritten notes from Steve Jobs, a check signed by Steve Jobs, a business card from Steve Jobs, an Apple IIe, a prototype Macintosh 128K computer, an Apple Lisa, a stock certificate from Apple Computer, a rug hook from Apple Computer, a collection of Apple pins and key chains, etc.

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