The Venezuelan who shaped the international music industry

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ARCA has shaped the international music industry in many ways. Here we check the importance of your work.

In every artistic expression there are people who are reinventing and even accelerating the evolution of media and the way art is communicated to audiences. This is clear even years after the emergence of certain artists who leave a diffuse and innumerable trace of influences in their audiovisual production.

It is the case Alejandra Ghersi Rodriguezinternationally known as ARKa Venezuelan composer, producer and musician with a Performance Immense that pushes every boundary and inspires fascination in everyone who comes into contact with it the way it is expressed through sound.

Meaning of the ark in music
ARCA is one of Latin America’s most important musical figures. Photo: Special.

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ARCA as an essential figure for the current sound

In the Latin American music scene ARCA has laid the foundation for a successful, quality-based career in the delivery of audiovisual products. As a Latina, she managed to produce Bjork (in the song “Afterwards” from the album Kick I) Kanye West (on the album Yeezus) and FKA TwigsAmong other things, he jumped from a specific niche (avant-garde and downtempo electronics) to whatever genre was put in front of him.

He has been producing music under this name since he was ten years old NuuraTheir goal was to create tracks that had a very high level of production and complexity, regardless of genre. Complex sounds, diffuse tempos that challenge the listener, and arrangements that make everyone want to listen to the songs more than once to be able to hear them Capture everything that happens in the huge compendium of sounds available.

If we understand success as achieving what someone set out to do, ARCA has undoubtedly had one of the most successful careers and has conquered the scene worldwide. that you wanted.

Today, in everything that can be called “avant” or “futuristic” ARCA has made a clear mark through its work with pop and more recently even reggaeton.. Few artists are able to fuse different musical textures and she is on this list.

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From a Venezuelan party producer underground In Latin America, ARCA is a reminder to step up and bring out the big names when there is a suggestion and conviction in what is being doneYou will put it together no matter where you come from and wherever you go.

Meaning of the ark in music
ARCA has developed into an internationally recognized manufacturing company. Photo: Special.

A project that encompasses more than just music

ARCA was responsible for bringing visibility to the LGBTQ+ community, as a Latina trans woman. This identityAdvertisement They are closely connected to their project as it visually plays with themes and symbolism as well as the culture we currently live in.

ARCA questions social conventions on gender, affirms and supports the community with their music Put the topics that might make you uncomfortable on the table to anyone who would like to give an opinion on the identity of others. And it’s fair to say: now more than ever Music and art need representatives who can challenge the establishedStereotypes and everything that goes with them.

In this inextricable connection between their music, their themes and their mere presence as a statement lies the meaning and genius of ARCA, which opens new paths for new artists of the present and future. This shows that the music scene is a forum to address issues that society often faces.

Inexhaustible source of songs

ARK He has released eight albums in ten years, a number that shows how much he enjoys making music and presenting his art to an attentive audience. In addition, he has worked with very important artists in music history and has been very closely involved in each project. His mark is felt in every song in which he is invited..

Currently with his latest projectsARK manages to balance low-tempo electronics and avant-reggaetón with an aesthetic consistent with the videos and images it generates. The collaborations are at the highest level Ryuichi Sakamoto, Planningtorock, Shirley Manson and Siawho turn to ARCA as a reference of modernity that redefines what can be achieved through music.

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