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The unexpected stick to Fernando Alonso that shakes the foundations of Aston Martin

The strong criticism that the Spanish driver has received in the world of Formula 1

Aston Martin driver Fernando Alonso He is being one of the main protagonists in this start of the World Cup. His spectacular start to the season has not left anyone indifferent, and has surprised many. However, it should be remembered that his passing through the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix in Italy will no longer be a reality.

The heavy rains have caused flooding in the Italian city and the river, which is right next to the circuit, has overflowed. The FIA ​​has decided not to take any unnecessary risks and the suspension is more than justified. Although not for this reason has stopped talking about Fernando Alonso of Aston Martin.

Fernando Alonso Aston Martin
Alonso receives criticism for past controversies

The podiums achieved by the man from Oviedo after his arrival at the British team

And it is that neither his own Neither Alonso nor his team, Aston Martin, expected to reap 4 podiums in 5 races. But once they get to this point, they want more. There are many who have been undone in praise thanks to the qualities of the Asturian. However, now the situation is different.

Apparently, not everyone sees the two-time world champion as an example to follow. In the last hours, an illustrious Formula 1 has criticized Fernando Alonso. This is Damon Hill, expilot, and expert voice in various international motor shows where he participates as a motorsport analyst.

Those of Aston Martin do not feel comfortable with Hill’s words to Fernando Alonso

The Briton justifies Hamilton, Ocon and Massa, when they were Alonso’s teammates. It is known to all that the Spaniard has had quarrels with them, and Hill has charged against him: “He lost friends in F1 after he was too critical of his teammates and the teams he was racing for“, he assured.

But it has gone further: “He went too far at McLaren and then did something similar at Ferrari. He insulted Honda because he called it a GP2 engine, he lost a lot of friends. He has damaged my career, I only have two world championships when I should have four or five ”, words that Fernando Alonso will not have liked.

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