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Rodrigo de Paul is a luxury partner of Atlético to sign the fashionable striker

The mattress set could be very close to taking a world champion and probably one of the Champions League, thanks to the Argentine midfielder, who is a close friend of his.

After Diego Simeone confirmed that his midfielder Rodrigo de Paul is in the plans of the Athletica great operation begins to be born. And it is that he World Champion in Qatar it could be the endorsement to sign one of the best forwards in Europe and the planet. Right now he is in the final of the Champions League.

Although the player in question is not an absolute starter on his team, since that role belongs to Erling Haaland, he does have a good number of minutes with Manchester City. We are talking about the former River Plate, Julián Álvarez. The option was born from the partial role that the Argentine has in the English club. But that could be total at Atlético, if Rodrigo de Paul manages to convince him.

Rodrigo de Paul Athletic
Rodrigo de Paul is the key to open the chest of possibilities with Julián Álvarez.

An arduous task for Atlético even with the help of Rodrigo de Paul

The performance that the Argentine striker is giving on his arrival in Manchester is truly outstanding. So far he has played 2,310 minutes spread over 46 games, between the Premier League, FA Cup, EFL Cup, Community Shield and Champions League. 16 goals and 5 assists are his numbers, without being a regular starter like the Norwegian star is.

What Atlético and Simeone want to do is give Julián Álvarez the rightful place in the world of elite football. If in a hypothetical case, the gaucho striker decided to go to Cívitas Metropolitano, there would be no doubt that he would be the permanent starter in the mattress team. This taking into account that Álvaro Morata will go to Serie A.

Atlético and Rodrigo de Paul work together for the signing of Julián Álvarez

The summer market is approaching and with it several plans of the Madrid team are about to see the initial spark. Renewals, departures and above all signings await Andrea Berta and the South American coach. Regarding this operation, the sports management is already working hand in hand with Rodrigo de Paul, to try to contact the ex-millionaire striker’s environment.

The information they have at the moment is that Julián Álvarez signed a contract with Manchester City until 2028, and his base price is set at 50 million euros. The token that he receives in the Citizens box is 4.8 kilos, an assumable sum within the financial framework of Atlético. The main obstacle to reach this signing, has its own name, Pep Guardiola. And it is that the Catalan coach does not want to part with one of his best emerging players.

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