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Marc Guiu will move to Sevilla FC if En-Nesyri leaves

Sevilla are considering rejuvenating their squad in the 24/25 season with the addition of Marc Guiu and Arda Güler

Sevilla FCunder the sporting direction of Victor OrtaHe is already planning the 2024/2025 season with the aim of rejuvenating a squad that currently has a lot of seniority. As part of this strategy, the club has targeted two young talents: Marc Guiu of FC Barcelona And Arda Güler of Real Madrid.

He Seville has already shown interest in these players, particularly in Arda Güler, which the club had already set its sights on last summer. He real Madrid wants to give in Güler to a team participating in the Champions Leaguealthough injuries and lack of continuity have complicated his situation this season.

Marc Guiu Seville
Sevilla are keen to attract young talent, preferably through loans, to raise the level of a team that faces many unknowns in the future.

Factors that will influence the possible arrival of Guiu and Güler in Seville

Marc Guius situation in Barcelona largely depends on the coach to lead the team next season. Guiu, who has impressed in his first appearances, scoring two goals in seven games, could be a valuable addition for Sevilla. However, The final decision will depend on Barcelona’s new coaching staff.as the club is also faced with financial constraints.

Although Arda Güler’s situation seems less clear due to Real Madrid’s policies and their own challenges, the possible signing of Guiu seems more realistic at this point. However, both players fit perfectly into the profile Sevilla are looking for: talented young people capable of bringing freshness and growth to the team.

Sevilla’s strategic planning for next season

Regardless of whether these signings materialize or not, It is clear that Sevilla have a clear strategy: to rejuvenate the team by bringing in young talent who can compete at the highest level. This approach is not only a response to the club’s financial constraints, but also an investment in the future to ensure the team can remain competitive both in the domestic league and in Europe.

Sevilla’s interest in Marc Guiu and Arda Güler shows their commitment to building a team that can adapt and evolve to the demands of modern football. We keep an eye on the development of young and promising talents.

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