the story of the most powerful Dragon Ball character

The animated series “Dragon Ball” was one of the most successful in the world as millions of people watched this anime as a child.

The adventures and battles that “Guku” waged against evil characters to protect the Earth fascinated children and adults for several decades.

Therefore, many have really wondered which of the saga’s characters is the most powerful.

Some believe that it is “Goku”, but there are those who defend the idea that it could be “Freeza” or “Vegeta”, but the reality is that each of them had different powers and characteristics.

The truth is that fans may have their favorite character, but Akira Toriyama himself, the creator of the comic and anime, had a character who had more power over the others.

Who is the most powerful character in Dragon Ball?

The death of Dragon Ball’s father sparked debate among fans of the animated series about the characters.

The Japanese designer revealed a few years ago that the most powerful character is one that only most fans remember.

Fans always thought that “Cell,” “Whis,” “Vados,” and even “Zen-Oh” were nearly indestructible. It’s even been said that “Beerus” could take that place as the god of destruction.

In this way, Akira Toriyama himself could theoretically be the most powerful being in the saga, since he is its creator.

He decides what power he gives to each character and determines their fate. However, what many don’t know is that the Japanese designer actually had an alter ego within the manga and animated saga.

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Fans may not remember this, but in “Dragon Ball” there was a character named ““Toriyama Robo” or “Robottoriyama”.

His appearances were actually rare, but he was the one with the highest rank in the entire Dragon World and even more important than a “Kaio-shin”.

The Espinof portal reports that “Toriyama Robo” appeared for the first time in “Dr. Slump,” a comedy manga the Japanese designer created before “Dragon Ball.”

This character is a small robot with a gas mask. Oddly enough, Akira himself was portrayed this way in the anime, where he appeared on posters offering a reward for him or was seen in public in the middle of tournaments.

In this way, it was the same creator of the animated saga who created this character, who for many would be the most powerful of all “Dragon Ball” characters.

And while fans may disagree and think his character is indestructible, the reality is that there is no one more important in the history of Dragon Ball than his own creator.

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