Star Wars: The Acolyte: New preview of Dafne Keen’s character

Dafne Keenrevealed to the general public in the film ” Logan » for his remarkable interpretation of X-23He continues to make waves in the film industry. This time she is preparing to captivate fans of the universe war of stars in the new series ” The Acolyte“, where she plays a fascinating character named Jecki Lona hybrid Theelin-human and Jedi Padawan Under observation of Jedi Master Sol. With a completely new look, Dafne Keen promises to deliver a performance that will further enrich its already impressive portfolio.

In ” The Acolyte“, Eager walks away from the dark streets of ” Logan » Immerse yourself in the immensity of space and the complexity of dynamics Jedi. In a recent interview with Weekly entertainmentthe actress shares her views Jecki Lonand described it as Padawan extremely committed and respectful of the hierarchy Jedi, a loyalty that transcends their relationship. “She thinks the absolute world of him (her master). Jedi) in a way that I think has a very gentle relationship between them, but she is much more aware of the difference in authority than, for example Obi Wan And Anakin” , explain Eager.

This new excursion into the universe war of stars promises an evolving journey for Jecki Lon, a character whose devotion and respect for his master initially defines his world. However, given the announcement that the series will deal with themes of brutality, it is plausible that the development of Jecki Lon takes a darker turn, pushing her beyond the simplicity of her admiration for her master.

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The intrigue surrounding “ The Acolyte » and the role of Dafne Keen arouse great interest among fans of war of starsExcited to find out how the actress, already known for her intense performance in ” Logan“, will navigate this new narrative space. The first images show a character who seems ready to leave an indelible mark on the saga war of starsexpectations are high to see how Eager and his character will fit into the richness of this universe.

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