Qualcomm will present its next high-end processor next week, at the Snapdragon Summit 2021. While we do not know the main details of this component, there is a preliminary data that leaves the market excited.

An image appeared on the Chinese social network Weibo that purports to be a test of Qualcomm’s new processor in AnTuTu. The highlight is the amazing result it achieved.

The new Snapdragon surpasses the barrier of million points in AnTuTu

The next high-end processor with the Qualcomm label will have set a new record. Based on the shared image, this processor scored incredible 1035020 points.

It is important to note that the test in question could not be found in the official AnTuTu database. In fact, we will have to take the blogger’s word for it. Technology at 8 o’clock on the veracity of this score.

If this is true, the upcoming Qualcomm processor far exceeds the scores obtained by the Snapdragon 888+ also in AnTuTu. The latter was constantly around 800 thousand points in the different tests it was subjected to on this platform.

The equipment that served as the vehicle for this performance test is also a mystery. Still, a Motorola executive went public to say that none of its future teams was responsible for this milestone.

MediaTek Dimensity 9000 will also have exceeded one million points

While the results achieved by the new Snapdragon are impressive, it was not the first time we had seen something similar. In recent weeks, an image has also surfaced claiming that the new Dimensity 9000 has passed the million point barrier.

MediaTek’s new SoC ranked slightly below the new Snapdragon by gaining 1002220 points. A number that proves that both processors will be at a very similar level of performance.

We can wait for the official tests of the next Qualcomm and MediaTek processor. The first could take place in the coming weeks, as Xiaomi and Motorola are expected to present their new high-end models with this chip still in 2021.


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