The Last Dinner Party had a phenomenal first concert in Mexico

What you need to know:

The sensational The Last Dinner Party took place for the first time in our country and so began its show at Lunario.

We had to see it The last dinner party in his first lecture in Mexico. This London quintet gave us one of the best albums of the year, and we’re listening to it Prelude to Ecstasy Playing live just weeks after launch was a luxury.

This band revives art rock and their theatrical performance has to be experienced live to internalize their entire concept. Since its release with the opening of the album, fans went out of their way to scream and give the musicians gifts. The band returned their love with an energetic and musically fascinating show.

Abigail, singer of the band, delivers on stage. Photo: Stephania Carmona for

The Last Dinner Party has a bright future and their live performances are excellent

Delivery, precision and a great album that plays The Last Dinner Party almost in its entirety

The National Auditorium’s Lunario was an ideal venue to showcase flashes of pop brilliance and nods to other genres like baroque pop and rock. Although they hardly have a studio album, the English girls are expanding some of their songs and have even given us the gift of listening to a new song that sounds very good.

“It’s the first time we’re playing but we don’t want to leave, we would play here every day”said Abigail, very emotional, collecting stuffed animals, posters and flower wreaths that their fans had given them. The last dinner party brought many people together in the packed National Auditorium Lunario, even though it was Tuesday after the long weekend.

“My Lady of Mercy” live is immense and the strongest thing the band has. The chorus’ synths are overwhelming and the vocals form a heart as Abigail doesn’t stop spinning. This live track showcased the energy of classic rock with art-pop details that make up the band’s special mix.

Emily Roberts has a precise game and when it comes to solos, she doesn’t fail. Photo: Stephania Carmona for

One of the best moments was of course “Nothing Matters”, which everyone sang. This song is more rock oriented, with a clearly defined riff and a classic guitar solo Emily Roberts She dominates perfectly, although she plays very soberly, her distorted guitar is wonderful. Abigail and Georgia accepted all of the gifts from their fans and handed out setlists at the end of the show.

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A front woman I don’t seem to be new to this profession.

What a great time Abigail Morris is having directing The Last Dinner Party! The young singer can’t stop dancing, laughing and showing her admiration for the rest of her band. The truth is that his voice is a delight live and that he also dances, throws himself on the floor at key moments in the songs and even sings with his fans.

In fairly detailed Spanish he said several times: “Thank you, Mexico” and he even said to Aurora as he placed a flower crown on her head, “How pretty!” Abigail’s voice is a marvel live, thrilling and particularly shining in “Sinner” and “On Your Side,” two songs in which she performs with the Band harmonizes, but her high notes and the power of her voice stand out.

Abigail Morris dominates the stage at all times. Photo: Stephania Carmona for

The immense response from fans to a band that really excites them

What an impression the people who practically dressed like the band and knew every single song. And not even the most famous ones. Abigail was touched by the chorus of “On Your Side”although the vowels have actually been taken away.

Another celebrated song was “Sinner,” which had people screaming and chanting at the top of their lungs. Georgia couldn’t stop smiling when she saw the people, and Abigail was completely surprised when all the lights came on: “There’s a lot more than I’ve ever seen!”he said incredulously.

Georgia Davies didn’t stop smiling throughout her concert at Lunario. Photo: Stephania Carmona for

They had so much fun at that first show in Mexico that they played a new song that they hope to release soon. It’s called “Big Dog” and it sounds like this Riffs from Led Zeppelin with a complaint against someone who believes he is much.

With the promise that they will return soon, they can’t miss it The last dinner party Live, because they have everything to be a huge band, one of those that you can boast about in the future if you saw them in a Lunario when they were just starting out.

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