The iPhone faces a peculiar battery problem

Apple is known for preferring to improve specifications or components that are already common in smartphones rather than introduce great innovations.

But it seems that some of the models of its iconic smartphone are suffering from a peculiar problem: after six months the batteries swell, causing problems with the screen.

Swollen batteries on iPhone 13 and 14 Pro six months after purchase

Image of the iPhone 14 Pro
Some iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 13 models revealed battery issues Credit@Apple

One of Apple’s strategies is to guarantee stability to its users, preferring to improve the specifications or components of the iPhone instead of cramming it with new features.

Take, for example, the rear camera of the terminal. Just last year, the Cupertino company integrated a 48-megapixel sensor into its Pro models. Until then, it was limited to integrating improvements for image capture.

But it seems that this strategy does not always work. According to recently published user reports on the web world, the iPhone 13 and 14 Pro models are facing a peculiar problem.

Users say that after six months of buying these terminals, the battery began to swell significantly. The same sources assure that they have given normal use to the devices, also indicating that this cannot be the source of the problem.

Worse still: the swelling of the batteries was so significant that it caused damage to the screen. Users also report that they contacted Apple technical support, which was reluctant to accept the situation and resolve it.

Even so, this technical support received the terminals for evaluation, and they were returned, without the company accepting the problem. Also according to users, after the devices went through technical support, the battery problem was gone, but the smartphone considered it as an “unknown component”.

So far, the Cupertino company has not made any public comment on the situation. We will have to wait a little longer to confirm if it is a general problem or if only a part of the production has been affected.

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