‘Squid Game’ actor O Yeong-Su found guilty of sexual misconduct

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After two years, the “Squid Game” actor was found guilty of sexual misconduct.

The Squid Game is embroiled in another controversy. And no, we’re not saying that because of allegations of mistreatment by the contestants and the winner of the reality competition based on a North Korean production. We mention it because Netflix series actor O Yeoung-Su was found guilty and sentenced for sexual misconduct.

All of this follows from the statements of a woman who in November 2022 accused him of touching her inappropriately as she claimed the 79-year-old actor hugged her against her will and kissed her on the cheek in 2017. But after a huge legal battle the interpreter who brought Oh Il-nam to life – or number 001 – in the streaming giant’s series has to spend some time behind bars.

Oh Yeong-su from “Squid Game” is accused of sexual misconduct
O Yeong-Su played the character Oh Il-nam in “The Squid Game”/Photo: Netflix.

‘Squid Game’ O Yeoung-Su Found Guilty of Sexual Misconduct

In accordance with deadlinewho quote AFPJudge Jeong Yeon-ju said heThe victim’s statements about O Yeoung-Su’s attack and her statements were “consistent“And they seem to be statements that cannot be made without actually experiencing them.”

The Suwon District Court in Seongnam City added: “What is written in the victim’s diary and the victim’s post-incident counseling report is virtually consistent with the details of this case.”.

'Squid Game' actor O Yeong-Su found guilty of sexual misconduct
O Yeong-Su at the 2022 Emmy ceremony/Photo:Getty Images

O Yeoung-Su previously explained that he took the woman’s hand to lead her around a lake. “I apologized because (the person) said he wouldn’t make a fuss about it, but that doesn’t mean he admits the allegations.”, the actor mentioned at the time The Squid Game.

Despite his word, Judge Jeong Yeon-ju found him guilty of sexual misconduct and sentenced to up to eight months in prison, with the sentence suspended for two years. But that is not all He must also complete a 40-hour sex offender treatment program.

'Squid Game' actor O Yeong-Su found guilty of sexual misconduct
Or Yeoung-Su has to spend time in prison and watch shows about sexual violence/Photo: Netflix

The South Korean actor will attempt to appeal his conviction

After the judge’s verdict and leaving the Suwon court O Yeoung-Su told reporters he would appeal the ruling. However, it appears he has no choice but to serve his sentence..

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Yeoung-Su has been acting in South Korean theater and television for more than 50 yearsAmong which stand out his role as King Lear in an adaptation of the work of the same name and his appearance in the television series Chocolate. But Oh Il-nam’s character in The Squid Game It brought him worldwide fame and recognition.

For his work in Netflix production O Yeoung-Su received Emmy and SAG Award nominations for this role., and won Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries or Television Movie at the 2021 Golden Globes.

'Squid Game' actor O Yeong-Su found guilty of sexual misconduct
The “Squid Game” actor won a Golden Globe for his work in the series/Photo: Getty Images

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