Spotify Plus: the new advertising plan with Premium benefits

Spotify Plus is the new “Premium low cost” plan presented by the Swedish technology company among some users. Currently in the testing phase, the new monthly subscription plan is cheaper than the Premium plans and gives the user of the service more controls.

The price, in the region where it is available, is $ 0.99, it is still based on ads, but it already allows the user to access some features of the Premium plan, such as unlimited skipping between tracks. It is, for now, an experimental plan.

Spotify Plus could cost € 0.99 if it reaches Europe

The new monthly subscription plan was first spotted by the publication. The edge, at a cost of $ 0.99. This is a pilot program, simply in the testing phase, but one that the Swedish company could make available globally.

Choose any song and skip as many times as you want on Spotify

It stands out for its low price – $ 0.99 – compared to the plans currently available in Portugal – € 3.49, € 6.99, € 8.99 and € 11.99 for Student, Individual, Duo and Family packages, respectively. It is a fraction of the sale price of any Premium mode.

By subscribing to the Spotify Plus plan, the user will have access to the basic features of the Premium plan. Among these, for example, the possibility of making jump unlimited – the ability to skip as many tracks as you want in an hour. Remember that in the free version it is only possible to make 6 skips (jumps) of tracks in Spotify.

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In addition, with Plus, the user can choose any track what do you want in this service transmission of music. These are the two advantages of the Plus plan compared to the free version, and it is currently being tested with some users.

So far we do not know if there will be other benefits of the Premium plan included in the Plus. Details such as the highest rate of bits, to Bit rate for music playback or offline music playback. Regardless, this new Plus plan looks promising for those who are unwilling or unable to spend too much per month and are still frequent Spotify users.

On the other hand, and the reason Plus is so cheap, is its reliance on ads for monetization. This is, in the Plus plan, advertising is also displayed. between playing music on Spotify. This can motivate some users to fork out the rest to be able to subscribe to one of the Premium plans if they do not want to be interrupted by advertising.

Anyway, this Plus plan seems to be a good option for Spotify. It is cheap enough to attract new users and, in the medium / long term, it can serve as a bridge for subscribing to a Premium plan.

Finally, this plan is not currently available in Europe. According to The Verge, the company is being welcomed by a restricted group of users located in the United States of America.

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