Simultaneously with the Xperia 1 IV, Sony officially introduced the new Xperia 10 IV mid-range smartphone.

The new terminal reaches the European market at a much more affordable cost than its high-end counterpart and with improved specifications compared to the previous model. But do these specifications justify the 500 euros it costs?

Specifications of the Sony Xperia 10 IV

Sony Xperia 10 IV
The Sony Xperia 10 IV will be available in black, white, lavender and mint

Lo and behold, Sony finally officially reveals its new Xperia models, which includes the Xperia 10 IV mid-range model. Although it maintains the same design as the previous model, the new terminal has improved specifications.

The Xperia 10 IV arrives equipped with an OLED screen of 6 inches with a resolution FullHD+ and a proportion of 21:9. thanks to the panel triluminos integrated, this terminal offers about 50% more brightness than its predecessor.

The processor was also updated and this model now includes the chip Espadragon 695 supported for communications 5Gpaired with 6GB of RAM and 128GB internal storage capacity.

Optically, it has a triple rear camera setup with a primary sensor. 12 megapixelsan ultra wide angle eight megapixels and even a telephoto sensor with eight megapixels resolution and a viewing angle of 120 degrees. For selfies and video calls, you also have a camera with eight megapixels.

Sony Xperia 10 IV offers stereo surround sound

comes to run android 12 under a Sony user interface and is powered by a robust battery of 5000mAh with support for fast charging 30 watts. In addition, it has LDAC support, 360 Audio and 360 Reality Audio Upmix to provide stereo in surround sound.

As for the price, it is around 500 euros in the European market. Which is good news considering that the top of the range costs 1,400 euros. The Xperia 10 IV is undoubtedly the affordable option within Sony’s portfolio. However, do these specifications justify the cost? There are models from other brands that for the same price offer 120 Hz screen refresh rates and sensors with more megapixels in the cameras.


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