Apple is working on its M2 processor and it seems that Samsung wants to be actively involved in the production of the new chip.

The South Korean giant has already invested several million in the construction of new facilities in order to establish an alliance with Apple that could be profitable for both companies.

Apple and Samsung together in the construction of the new M2 chip?

apple m1
Apple’s M1 successor processor may be revealed later this year

In the near future, Apple is expected to introduce the new M2 processor to the world, and if it is as successful as its predecessor, any company involved in the production of the chip will win.

And that was the idea of ​​Samsung, which is committed to establishing an alliance with Apple that could unite the two technological giants in the manufacture of a powerful processor for Cupertino laptops.

In practice, Samsung already produces FC-BGA substrates that are crucial components for the manufacture of modern high-density chips with circuit connections. Now the idea is to produce this type of substrate and become a supplier to Apple, specifically for the production of the new M2 chip.

Samsung is so committed to establishing this association that it does not analyze the costs to achieve its purpose. According to the latest published reports, the South Korean company has invested around US$1 billion in the construction of new facilities for the production of FC-BGA.

Additionally, the South Korean giant also invested 241 million dollars in facilities located in its country of origin, with the same objective. All to win over Apple, which is known for making “some demands” on its suppliers’ production facilities.

Apple laptops with M2 chip expected to arrive in 2023

apple macbook pro
The MacBook Pro is available in Portugal from 1479 euros

Apparently, Samsung’s investments are on time. All because Apple must follow the same M1 release schedule for the M2 processor.

There is a good chance that the Cupertino company will introduce the new M2 chip later this year. Subsequently, Apple could present other variants of the processor, that is, the versions already known as the M2 Pro, M2 Max and M2 Ultra.

In any case, Apple laptops equipped with the new processor should only reach the hands of users in early 2023.


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