Samsung takes drastic action to stop information leaks, just like Apple

The mobile market is particularly dynamic with the appearance of new products on the Internet long before its official launch. A phenomenon is known as information leakage or leak which tends to spoil the surprise factor that manufacturers appreciate so much.

Thus, we see companies like Apple and Samsung taking redoubled measures over time to prevent or hamper the business of leaks, people who are dedicated to disseminating confidential information in this mobile device market.

To contain this flow of information leaks, Samsung is now taking action against one of the most important figures in this gray market. it does so after last June Apple have taken similar action against similar entities.

According to the publication Android Authority, Samsung will begin sending subpoenas and legal threats to anyone who discloses their intellectual property in advance. Indeed, the action of the South Korean giant will first have been detected on the Reddit platform.

According to the aforementioned article, Samsung has started to force the removal of various content such as images and videos about the information leaked by AllAboutSamsung’s manager, Max Jambor. It was only the beginning of the new posture of manufacturers like Samsung and Apple.

It was the leaker himself who stated that within a few days there would be several previously shared images that should be deleted. Likewise, the famous leaker Evan Blass, manager of Twitter profile @evleaks, also said he will remove Samsung-related posts.

Blass also said Samsung will start investing in the source of the leak, taking action against it. However, posts that use content disclosed through these means are immune to actions from Samsung and other manufacturers such as North American Apple.

By the way, Xiaomi has also started to take a tougher stance on information leaks, wishing to keep its intellectual property confidential. Something that is always violated when information of leak occurs.

While manufacturers have every right to defend the privacy of their products, this campaign seems Herculean. In other words, even if they fight, ban and prosecute the most important sources, new ones are likely to emerge.

Anyway, leaks are a phenomenon that has always accompanied this industry. Moreover, once a piece of information or an image arrives on the Internet, it is practically impossible to erase all traces of its existence.

For manufacturers like Samsung, Apple, and Xiaomi, the fight will have intensified, but there is no way to know if they will be successful in their respective blocking campaigns.

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