Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 will be the company’s thinnest foldable

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 will make its debut in August at an event dedicated to the future of South Korean foldable smartphones. With each new generation, new technologies are added to the folding of the brand so that they become the barometer of the market.

For its fifth generation, everything indicates that we will have a new type of hinge to apply to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5. The new solution will bring several benefits, but the main one will be the thickness of the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 will debut a new hinge mechanism

The information was advanced by the prolific Ice Universe on the Chinese social network Weibo. The one that is one of the most recognized sources regarding Samsung designs reports on the adoption of a new hinge on the Galaxy Z Fold5 and its benefits.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

As it progresses, Samsung will migrate to a teardrop hinge that will allow the two screens to fold flat. This means the end of the space that usually exists between the Samsung folding screen when it is folded.

Thanks to this detail, Samsung will be able to reduce the thickness of the Galaxy Z Fold5, which will undoubtedly be one of the great attractions of the next model. According to Universe, this could go from a thickness of around 16mm to 13mm.

Although it is still substantially thicker than conventional smartphones, it is a step towards the physical improvement of this type of equipment. Therefore, you will slightly appreciate one of the negative points that are constantly pointed out to folding devices.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

New hinge means fewer creases on the Galaxy Z Fold5 screen

The new hinge mechanism of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 will also benefit the interior of the device. Strictly speaking, it will result in a less pronounced crease on the screen of this folding device.

This is an attribute that Samsung has improved annually since the launch of the Galaxy Fold in 2019. Now, in 2023, the South Korean will go one step further so that this wrinkle is even less noticeable and felt on its equipment.

Ice Universe clarifies that the adoption of this hinge will guarantee the permanence of the IP 68 certification in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5. That is, the main folding of the South Korean will not lose its resistance to water and dust.

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