Samsung boasts a giant photo captured with the 200 MP HP1 sensor

The new image sensor Samsung ISOCELL HP1 200 MP is designed to break the barriers of cell phone and mobile photography. In fact, this is the highest resolution ever in a smartphone image sensor.

It should be noted that this Samsung HP1 sensor was presented at the end of 2021, more specifically in September of last year. However, so far we still do not have phones that use this component, so Samsung itself has now released it in huge proportions.

The capabilities of the 200 MP Samsung ISOCELL HP1 sensor

The South Korean giant did it in gigantic proportions. The objective? Showcasing the capabilities of the 200 MP ISOCELL HP1 sensor by demonstrating maximum image size and extension. By the way, something that is very clear in the video mentioned above.

The premise is simple. How big can a photograph be? In this case with the point of interest of being a cat, one of the favorite animals in any content published on the Internet. So, Samsung’s engineering team rose to the challenge.

This team of Samsung engineers created a platform had hoc (for this purpose) by starting up the ISOCELL HP1 sensor. Then, after capturing the photograph, the South Korean company wanted to determine the maximum size of the image.

The 200 MP photo was printed on a billboard 28 x 22 meters


Among the first smartphone manufacturers to use this sensor we have Samsung itself, as well as Motorola, which is expected to present a new smartphone in July. However, the results presented by the brand are really impressive by taking advantage of the full dimension of the photograph captured with 200 MP.

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200 MP resolution lets you zoom in without losing image detail

the technology of pixel binning operated by Samsung ISOCELL HP1 sensor.

More pixels. More details. This is Samsung’s premise for the ISOCELL HP1 sensor perfectly illustrated by the marketing action in question. In practice, those responsible for the brand ended up printing a total of 12 canvases of 2.3 meters each to form the 28 x 22 meter panel.

Please note that for the common user who does not need to print screens and outdoorthe main advantage of the Samsung ISOCELL HP1 sensor will be in the technology of pixel binning Chamelon Cell.

So, in practice, it creates images with a resolution of 12.5 MP and pixels of 2.56 μm, or a maximum of 50 MP with each pixel of 1.28 μm. When capturing an image with 200 MP, the pixel size will be 0.64 μm.

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