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RCB will play Qualifier 1! What will happen to MI, CSK and LSG?

 RCB will play Qualifier 1!  What will happen to MI, CSK and LSG?

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Hardik Pandya and Virat Kohli

Now the last five league matches of the IPL 2023 remain. Royal Challengers Bangalore team is currently shaping up to be the biggest contender for the playoffs. At the same time, RCB has increased the tension of CSK and Lucknow Super Giants who were very close to the playoff ticket. At the same time, the case of the Mumbai Indians is also in trouble. Because they have to pay attention not only to the win but also to the net run rate and the loss of others. In other words, two spectacular victories for RCB have caught the nut of the round of 16. This is the reason why there is now talk of qualifying 1 instead of the playoffs. The last match of the league phase will be played between Gujarat and RCB on May 21. Speculation abounds as to whether it will be a Qualifier 1 trial.

In fact, the RCB team first beat Rajasthan Royals by 112 runs. After that, the team also recorded a one-sided win against Sunrisers Hyderabad by 8 wickets. After these two big wins, this team created such a panic in the points table that the Mumbai team, who lost a close match against Lucknow Super Giants by five runs, was in trouble. Not only this, it also increased the tension of CSK and Lucknow Super Giants, who were in second and third place respectively with 15-15 points. This is because everyone’s last matches remain. A defeat from here can spoil the equation of the teams.

Points table after 65 matches of IPL 2023

Will RCB play in Qualifier 1?

Let us tell you that there are three matches in the IPL playoffs. The first and second teams from the points table play Qualifier 1. The winning team here goes directly to the final. In the Eliminator, there is a match between the third and fourth numbered teams. Here the losing team is eliminated and the winning team will meet the losing team in Qualifier 1 in Qualifier 2. There is then a final match between the winner of Qualifier-2 and the winning team of Qualifier-1. In such a situation, there is talk of playing Qualifier-1 on behalf of RCB. The Gujarat Titans team was the first to reach the playoffs and will remain on top. Does it mean RCB match with Gujarat? But how this will be possible, we now know.

What are the equations that go into RCB Qualifier-1?

There are still five league games left in which a lot will be decided. Saturday and Sunday this time will really turn out to be Super Saturday and Super Sunday. Punjab will face Rajasthan on Friday. Here all the hopes of the losing team will end. After this, CSK will face Delhi Capitals and Lucknow will face KKR on Saturday. Both matches here will decide RCB’s move to Qualifier 1. If any team from Chennai or Lucknow wins their match, RCB will not be able to proceed to second place. Because any of them will get 17 points. If both teams lose their match and RCB beat Gujarat on Sunday then Mumbai Sunrisers lose or win by a slim margin. In the same condition, RCB can remain at number 2.

Image source: PTI
Gujarati Titans

Otherwise, you will have to play playoffs or be out of the playoff race. It is very important for RCB to win the last league game against Gujarat Titans. If RCB lose there, KKR beat Lucknow and Sunrisers beat Mumbai, then the matter may even go as far as round 14. Either the Punjab or Rajasthan team can revive their hopes in the competition with 14 points in this situation. But there only the team with the best net runrate will be able to gain a foothold. But looking at this so far it seems very difficult. But cricket is a game of uncertainties, here everything is possible at any time.

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