Home Sports Cabrera assumes that permanence passes through Vallecas: “Life is going for us”

Cabrera assumes that permanence passes through Vallecas: “Life is going for us”

Cabrera assumes that permanence passes through Vallecas:

Between “hurt” and “mentalized and concentrated” circulates the staff of the Spanish in a week that left behind a Disappointing derby and with a very sad outcome against Barcelona (because of the 2-4 and the invasion of the field) and that he saw, on Sunday, the last chance of the team to try cling to a permanence which is four points away. From “final”, how could it be otherwise, qualifies Leandro Cabrera the visit to Vallecano Ray.

“We are going out to win on Sunday because life goes to us in this” the central defender proclaimed this Thursday, in statements to the club’s channels. “We are angry for not having taken advantage of previous opportunities, and during the season, which would now make us more comfortable in the standings. But it is the situation that it is, and until the last resort is exhausted we will continue fighting”, he assumed. And he added: “We will try to win Vallecas, we know it’s a final. We are taking it that way. If we are focused from the first to the last minute, we have a good chance that it will fall on our side.

Cabrera considers that Salvation is “within a shot”. “We have the staff and the right attitude.” The one they lacked last Sunday against Barça, when not only the result failed but also the deployment of the game. “In the locker room you only feel revenge spiritto win again and to show that they really we deserve to be in this category”, it was meant.

And Cabrera also winked at the Espanyol fans, “criminalized” according to the club because of a few dozen parrots that jumped onto the field during the celebration circle by the Barça players. “During these years they have been exemplary in every sense. There are times when the situation exceeds us all, when you feel powerless. It is a fact that we regret, that we do not want it to happen again, but we are next to our fansthat at all times, and Faced with much disrespect from many sides, he has always maintained his composure”, stated the Uruguayan.

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