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The ball didn’t come off the bat, but it still went through the keeper’s hand and scored 5 runs.

The ball didn't come off the bat, but it still went through the keeper's hand and scored 5 runs.

In cricket games, single-double, i.e. runs by running away, is very common. The batsman cannot send every ball over the boundary, so he has to rely on single-doubles. In ODI and Test cricket, batsmen primarily score by running as batsmen in the large format have to secure their wickets along with the scoring runs. In Test and ODI cricket, you must have seen that sometimes the batsman runs away for four runs when the ball goes away. However, an incident occurred where the batsman stole five runs when the ball was in the wicketkeeper’s hand.

The video of this special cricket moment is spreading rapidly on social media. This is truly a unique video of the cricket game. In the video, the bowler can be seen throwing a fast ball to the left-handed batsman at the crease, after which he is unable to deliver the shot.

The ball goes straight towards the wicket-keeper. But during this time, the batsmen present at the batting area run to score runs. Seeing the batsmen running away, the wicket-keeper throws and the ball hits the stumps. Then the batsmen use the over throw and run to score the second run and this time the keeper throws the throw at the bowling end but there is no one there to catch the ball.

Then both batsmen see the ball fly away and run for third run. The throw is thrown towards the goalkeeper’s end. But the fielder who catches the ball throws to the stumps to which the throw has already been made. In such a situation, the fielder again throws towards the bowling end and this time the fielder present at the bowling end leaves the ball. Thereafter, until the ball comes back, both batsmen take part in two more runs. In this way, the batsman completed five runs by running away without playing the ball with the bat when the ball had reached the wicketkeeper’s hand.

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