PS5 Pro: everything we know about the new console

Rumors about a new PlayStation console are skyrocketing and multiplying at lightning speed.

We have prepared a summary with all the information available so far about the PlayStation 5 Pro that may hit stores later this year.

Dates of presentation and arrival on the market

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Currently, PlayStation 5 seems to have overcome the component shortage problem and is available in all storesCredit@PlayStation

According to rumors, the new PlayStation 5 Pro could be officially presented starting next July. This prediction is supported by the fact that Sony traditionally makes announcements in the middle of the year.

This theory gained even more strength after a senior official from the Japanese company’s video game division made the following statement: “By the end of fiscal year 2022, cumulative sales of PS5 will exceed 37 million units and we believe it will be a very important moment. for the platform. I hope you are looking forward to 2023.”

This last phase was the trigger for rumors about the launch of a new PS5 model.

However, it will take some time from the official presentation of the new console until it hits stores. Also keeping in mind the history of the company, it is only in November that the new model will be available in the market for end users.

Specs expected in PlayStation 5 Pro

When it comes to specs, even the gaming press has a hard time predicting what’s coming next. The new PS5 Pro is unlikely to bring 8K support. All because TVs with this resolution are still very expensive.

Experts agree that Sony opted to keep the 4K performance but integrated a higher refresh rate with Ray Tracing enabled. If this information is confirmed, users appreciate the improvement.

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On the other hand, a recent rumor about AMD suggested that the PS5 Pro could bring a new RDNA processor for an expected significant increase in its performance.

Finally, the Japanese giant can still respond to the wishes of users and increase the available storage space to 2 TB. It should be remembered that the PS5 has an 825 GB SSD which seems to be insufficient for games to store a library of the latest games.

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