PS5 black: is Sony about to launch a new colorway?

The black PS5 is still eagerly awaited by fans. If Sony has promised other colors in the coming months, the Japanese giant was careful not to clearly evoke a future black console. However, Sony has already launched a variety of accessories available in black, such as a DualSense controller and, more recently, the 3D Pulse headset. Do these accessories foreshadow a future PlayStation 5 draped in black?

Since the presentation of the PS5, the white color chosen by Sony has divided fans. While some welcome this risk-taking, others hoped to find the dark tint of older generation consoles. Quickly, Sony made a commitment to offer other colors of the Playstation 5.

According to Matt MacLaurin, the vice president in charge of the PS5 interface, “there will be a special edition for everyone ”. The frame evokes “even more beautiful (and radical) special editions ” than the original Playstation 5.

Sony has launched several black accessories … to accompany the future black PS5?

Since then, Sony has not mentioned the arrival of a new black color. On the other hand, the Japanese giant has launched several accessories available in black, starting with the DualSense controller. The controller that accompanies the PS5 initially opted for a white color. In fact, a black controller contrasts sharply with the white dress of the machine. After the announcement of the black DualSense, many fans and specialized sites have also expected the imminent arrival of a dark PlayStation. It did not happen.

More recently, Sony created a surprise with a new black color for the 3D Pulse helmet. The variant is currently available for pre-order at select retailers. This official headset is specially adapted to 3D audio, one of the flagship technologies of the console.

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The first version was obviously covered with the characteristic white shade of the PS5 and other accessories, including the multimedia remote. In this context, it seems unlikely that Sony will not finish by launching a black PlayStation 5. It is hard to imagine the manufacturer offering a slew of black accessories to accompany an all-white console. Sony will he soon lift the veil on this hypothetical black PS5? Is it rather the future PS5 Pro, mentioned recently by a first rumor? We await your opinion in the comments.

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