POCO: Xiaomi’s independent brand achieves impressive sales figures

POCO’s independent journey began during 2020. From a Pocophone F1, Xiaomi created a sub-brand that would become formally independent in November last year.

For the consumer, not much has changed. Its smartphones continue to have value for money as the flagship, and promise to offer users everything they need at the lowest price.

POCO celebrates 20 million smartphones sold worldwide

After the success of the Pocophone F1, the brand launched other equipment such as the POCO F2 Pro worldwide. More recently, POCO X3, X3 Pro, and F3 were key to the impressive numbers the brand is now revealing.

“Hello POCO fans! We have amazing news to share with you! Last month, POCO reached more than 20 MILLION smartphones sold, ”the brand began to write on Twitter.

POCO celebrates 20 million smartphones sold, with an eye to the future. “It has been a beautiful trip and it is only going to get better,” it reads. And buying POCO equipment has never been easier.

If he Amazon from Spain It is a recurring recommendation on our part, in the Portuguese store PCSay You will also find the latest smartphones from the brand. Here at home I have a POCO X3 Pro, and it’s great for the price.

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