Plagued by alcohol, drug addiction and depression, this star prayed for death every night.

When outsiders see the glamor of movie stars, they think that they must be happy and will not have any problems in life. When such news comes about him, the reactions of the common people are strange. In fact, you can’t tell what’s going on in a person’s life just by looking. There is such a rapper who always looks cool and makes the same songs, but suddenly something happened to him that shook him. It took many years for this star to recover.

We are talking about the singer and rapper “Yo Yo Honey Singh” who has worked hard to reach the heights. Honey Singh also achieved this position, but illness curtailed his career. But he bravely faced it without giving up and today he made a great comeback.

Hridesh Singh was born on March 15, 1983 at his parents’ home in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. Hridesh Singh is popularly known as “Yo Yo Honey Singh”. Honey Singh’s father is Sardar Sarabjit Singh and his mother is Bhupinder Kaur. Honey Singh’s grandfather and father lived in Punjab, Pakistan during the time of British India. But after Partition, his grandfather moved the family to Delhi. Honey Singh grew up only in Delhi. He has a sister, Sneha Singh.

In an interview with BBC, Honey Singh had said that he used to study at Guru Nanak Public School in Delhi. Honey Singh played tabla during prayers in school. He has been interested in music since his school days. As a teenager, Honey Singh was a fan of AR Rahman and listened to his songs.

After 1995, he started listening to some English songs and his interest in beats and hip-hop grew. During the same period, Honey Singh also went to the UK to study music. Honey Singh had decided to promote hip-hop in India.

Honey Singh had decided on his career in his teenage years but didn’t know how to start it. In 1999, he started listening to international hip hop. In 2003, he started making beats for Delhi-Goa underground rapper TDO. Honey Singh composed the first song ‘Khadke Gilasi Tere Naal Di’ which became a superhit but he still didn’t get the work.

Afterwards, Honey Singh moved to Punjab where he started composing songs in regional and English languages. Honey Singh had become a star in Punjab, Canada and England, but he had to become famous in the metropolises of India like Delhi-Mumbai. After 2010, Honey Singh did some solo songs which were successful. After that, Honey Singh gave superhits like ‘Angrezi Beat’, ‘Brown Rang’, ‘Gabru’, ‘Lugi Dance’, ‘Party with Bhootnath’, ‘Desi Kalakar’, ‘Love Dose’ and ‘Sunny Sunny’.

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From 2010 to 2014, Honey Singh sang many songs which were superhits. His songs were played everywhere but at some point Honey Singh felt very depressed. Honey Singh’s family lived in Delhi while Honey Singh lived in Mumbai for work. In an interview with BBC, Honey Singh had said that he had a lot of work, the songs became hits, but after a while he felt that he should give up everything and run away.

Honey Singh said, “Suddenly I called my team and said I have to go home and stay with the family.” My team explained to me that money has been invested, people are making a ruckus, sending notices, there is a contract and many more more, but I only said one thing: let me go home, otherwise I will die. My team listened to me with great difficulty and I came to Delhi.

According to Honey Singh, he suffered from bipolar disorder, which is a more serious illness than depression. Honey Singh had said that he took a lot of money from the market to create a singing show but his illness ruined everything. It took Honey Singh almost five years to recover from this illness.

Between 2014 and 2018, there was a lot of news about Honey Singh. Someone said he became a drug addict, someone said he was drowning in debt, and many people also spread rumors about his death on social media.

Alcohol, drug addiction and depression... this star prayed for death every night, the story is painful

Commenting on all this, Honey Singh said, “While I was undergoing treatment, I was told on social media about the news that came about me. “Initially, I was scared that I was done. I began to worry so much that I prayed for death every night, but as the treatment progressed and I got better, even these things stopped making a difference.

Honey Singh shared that he stayed out of the country for some time but started feeling good again in early 2018 and then made a comeback. From 2019 to today, Honey Singh has made many changes in himself and today he is working as before. Akshay Kumar helped Honey Singh when his health deteriorated while Deepika Padukone suggested doctors to Honey Singh.

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