A man faked his death to avoid paying child support

A man who faked his death to avoid paying alimony to his ex-wife has confessed to his crimes in a US court.

Jesse Kipf is 39 years old and owes more than $116,000 in aid. This man pleaded guilty to the crimes of electronic fraud and identity theft.

It all started in early 2023 when he accessed Hawaii’s death registration system and posed as a doctor from another state to create and approve a death certificate for himself.

According to authorities, he used a digital signature and the doctor’s name, position and license number, which “resulted in the defendant being listed as deceased in many government databases.”

But that was not all. Using his skills, he managed to hack the systems of several private companies and the governments of Arizona and Vermont, causing them to appear dead in the databases.

However, authorities discovered that Jesse had accessed private information and attempted to sell access to these networks to Internet buyers.

“Kipf also gained illegal access to internal websites managed by companies such as the State of Arizona, the State of Vermont, GuestTek Interactive Entertainment and Milestone, Inc.,” revealed the Inside Edition portal, which had access to the court documents.

This man could face a prison sentence of seven years

A jury accused this man of faking his death in November 2023 and found him liable for identity theft, computer fraud and making false statements to financial institutions.

If found guilty, Jesse Kipf would face a prison sentence of more than 60 years. But his plea agreement and confession to authorities would reduce his sentence to just seven years by accepting the charges against him.

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In addition to paying $116,000 in child support, this man agreed to pay $195,000 in restitution to the companies and government agencies he harmed.

The truth is that a judge could also impose a fine of around $500,000 for the crimes he committed.

This man is waiting to hear his verdict, but his story became news and sparked all kinds of comments on social networks.

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