Pixel Fold is seen in two animations in Android 12L beta

Google’s first foldable smartphone was leaked again just days after its appearance on Geekbench.

This time, two animations were discovered in Android 12L Beta 2, which look like what Google displays when setting up a new Pixel for the first time.

These animations show a foldable device with a single physical button on the right side of the device. The inclusion of a single physical button would be rare, but Huawei has already experienced the absence of volume buttons on the Mate 30 Pro – something that has not been repeated with the Mate 40 Pro.


The device’s screen aspect ratio appears to be 8:7 (1.14:1), compared to 9:8.4 (1.07:1) on Oppo Find or 22.5:18 (1.25:1) on the Galaxy Z Fold3.

The Pixel Fold is expected to come with Google’s Tensor chip that debuted with the Pixel 6. The Pixel Fold could be the first Android 12L device.

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