The gendarmerie spoke on Twitter. They want to warn internet users of a disturbing new phishing campaign. Indeed, these pirates had the good idea to pass themselves off as the head of the gendarmerie.

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Phishing has become over the years one of the most popular methods of crooks, hackers and scammers of all stripes. Campaigns are multiplying on the web, and generally target users of popular services, such as these phising attacks against Netflix or PayPal customers.

Sometimes, some crooks show originality by posing in particular as Christian Rodriguez, the current director general of the National Gendarmerie. Just that. Indeed, many users have received an email supposedly from the Ministry of the Interior and signed by the big boss of the national gendarmerie.

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A phishing campaign that distracts … the national gendarmerie

A case laying charges against you has been issued. Please read the attachment to respond as soon as possible. After the 72 hour period, we will initiate a formal procedure, namely an arrest warrant ”, can we read in this fake mail. History of further frightening the target, it is specified that the authorities “take legal action against you after a computer seizure of Cyber-infiltration for child pornography, pedophilia, exhibitionism, cyber pornography and sex trafficking ”.

These charges are serious and can obviously motivate the Internet users targeted to open the famous attachment. Especially since the crooks have put the forms to make everything as authentic as possible: logo of the gendarmerie, the French Republic, the Ministry of the Interior, handwritten signature of Christian Rodriguez … Fortunately, the table is marred by approximate syntax and questionable formulations.

Of course, the attachment in question actually contains malware that is used by crooks to recover the personal data of victims. As the national gendarmerie recalls on Twitter, “the gendarmerie (even less its chief) will never send you an email! Vigilant together! ”. The authorities invite Internet users who have received this fake email to report it on the platform Internet-Reporting.

Source: The Republic of the Pyrenees


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