OVH breakdown: Internet users are having fun like crazy on Twitter

This Wednesday morning, a massive blackout affected OVH. It was impossible to connect to many websites. What provoke the legitimate anger of Internet users, who did not hesitate to let their dissatisfaction be known on Twitter. Some reactions are also very funny, enough to relativize in front of this umpteenth problem with the French host.

Credits: Pixabay

In the hosting market, OVH is certainly one of the heavyweights alongside AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. With two million customers worldwide and more than 400,000 servers spread over 32 data centers, the French host is the most in continental Europe.

In fact, when a problem disrupts OVH’s activities, it does not go unnoticed, far from it. It must be said that the snowball effect applies particularly well to OVH. A fault with them, and it becomes impossible for millions of people to connect to dozens and dozens of websites.

And unfortunately for the host, OVH has often found itself in the spotlight for serious incidents, such as the fire that affected one of its largest data centers in Strasbourg in March 2021. In the background, OVH was the victim of a huge network failure. And on October 13, 2021, the host was hit again by a massive failure on its infrastructure. Occurring around 9 am, this failure due to human error made it impossible to access hundreds of sites.

Twittos have fun with the OVH outage

Faced with this umpteenth problem, the Twittos have brought out their best memes and punchlines to joke about this new OVH failure. Here is an anthology of the funniest reactions published on the blue bird. For internet user RomainFiere, the server manager at OVH must be a regular Among US player.

ovh twitter breakdown
Credits: Romain Fiere via Twitter

And what could be better than letting the tidal wave pass as suggested by this surfer? Your customers will be good to ask you what’s going on, but that’s not your fault. So do like Malcom and his brothers and ride the wave.

breakdown ovh twitter
Credits: The Straw Man via Twitter

On the Interflora side, we take it with a lot of humor obviously.

breakdown ovh twitter
Credits: Interflora via Twitter

As you may know, OVH had warned that it was going to carry out an invisible update, supposed not to disrupt the activities of the millions of sites hosted by the company. For the Triggered Woody twettos, a sentence from Emmanuel Macron sums up the situation rather well.

breakdown ovh twitter
Credit: Triggered Woody via Twitter

And obviously, the current phenomenon Squid Game could not miss this OVH failure. Rest in peace candidate OVH, you have been eliminated. And you, what are your favorite reactions to the OVH outage? Let us know in the comments.

breakdown ovh twitter
Credits: Poet’s Sorrows via Twitter

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