osapiens opens office in Spain to help companies comply with sustainability aspects

Osapiens Bet on the Spanish market as part of its internationalization strategy. The company, Co-founder of the Spaniard Alberto Zamora in Germany in 2018, has selected Spain as one of the first countries in which it will operate outside of German territory. After a funding round of 25 million euros and reaching 1,200 customers in 60 countries, the company opens offices in the country and promises to contribute.Simplicity, lightness and cost savings in compliance with European regulations«.

In the company presentation Alberto Zamora, CEO and co-founderexplained that Osapiens Solutions «They are intended to help companies comply with the legally required transparency.» and insists that they search «“Not only help companies comply with laws,” but also convert this transparency into “efficiency and sustainability.”«.

In particular, they have referred to binding regulations such as the EUDR (European Union Regulation Against Deforestation), the CBAM (Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism) and the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive), which “new criteria for environmental, social and governance reporting for companies in the European Union or in a member country«.

It also alludes to the fact that the Council of the EU gave the green light for the new thing Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD)This requires identifying and assessing environmental damage and human rights violations along the entire business value chain and taking measures to prevent and eliminate them, which already affects more than 5,000 companies across Europe.

Technology as an ally

Zamora explained that technology is the great ally of companies when it comes to complying with all the regulatory requirements to which they are subject. «Manually managing all the data and workflows required to meet transparency requirements would be a completely infeasible task.“, It says. Therefore, bet on “Combine the use of technologies such as AI, the Internet of Things or track & trac applicationsAnd”.

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So, osapiens HUB, the company’s comprehensive sustainability SaaS platform, creates transparency along the entire value chain, meets legal ESG requirements and automates manual processes. The above technologies are hosted in the cloud and constantly updated by a team of more than 200 IT developers. They are supported for data collection and communication, process analysis, product lifecycle monitoring and problem detection. Compliance and Piracy.

The platform provides solutions for different business requirements and needs, such as transparency of business partners through company information about the supply chain and the company itself; Product transparency by linking product and data flows in supply chains; Efficiency in operations to create fluid and fast processes, improve service quality and reduce costs; and defining the sustainability strategy and report with a focus on business value and impact.

«We are constantly working to update the platform so that it offers simple and effective solutions that respond to the new regulations that are coming into force and will come into force in the coming years. It is in our DNA to be the technological “partner” that helps companies grow through greater sustainability and transparency.«, concludes Alberto.

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