Orange was obviously inspired by the methods of Bouygues Telecom and Red by SFR. Indeed, the incumbent operator has just announced an increase in the price of the Open Up offer, which is Orange’s most complete Fiber package, which includes the LiveBox 5, a Wi-Fi repeater and an Orange 4G package. The changes have been made to the mobile plan.

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While Bouygues has just increased the prices of certain packages, it is Orange’s turn to raise prices again. Indeed, the incumbent operator has started to notify its subscribers to the Open Up offer by email of a change in the price list. As a reminder, this is Orange’s most complete formula, which offers a Livebox 5, a Wi-Fi repeater and also a 4G package with a 70 GB data envelope.

And precisely, the changes made concern this mobile plan. From next month, the mobile data envelope therefore increases to 120 GB, and 5G is therefore also entering the offer. “Mobile internet uses are growing and constantly evolving. To anticipate the services of tomorrow, we develop your offer, without re-engagement and without any action on your part ”, explains the operator in the email sent to the users concerned.

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€ 2 per additional month for 5G and 120 GB of data

For 2 € additional per month, subscribers will therefore have 120 GB of 4G / 5G (depending on whether you have a compatible mobile). Orange specifies that the price remains unchanged during the first month of entry into force of the offer. Of course, if you do not have a 5G compatible mobile, you can continue to enjoy the operator’s 3G / 4G networks with this package.

Orange also specifies that it is quite possible to refuse this new offer. You will be able to indicate your position between October 7, 2021 and February 2, 2022 from your customer area or on the Orange et moi application. While this practice is very little appreciated by users and consumer associations overall, these regular tariff revaluations are completely legal.

Indeed, operators can trigger them on two conditions: having warned the users concerned at least one month in advance by email, letter or SMS and justifying this new price list solely by improving telecoms services (SMS, envelope of data, better speed, etc.). As a reminder, Orange recently launched its first non-binding 4G / 5G packages, with the aim of offering more latitude to users and to stand out from the competition.


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