Oppo Enco Air Headphones Review and Opinion

Oppo is not a well-known company in the sound device market, although it has become a very relevant player in the smartphone world.

Recently, the company announced its headphones OPPO Enco Air, which claim to be an affordable option with good audio characteristics.

I had the opportunity to thoroughly test the new Oppo Enco Air for several weeks and then I present my review.

Oppo Enco Air arrives with a plastic box It has an original oval design with a translucent top cover that lets you see if the headphones are inside. The plastic used for the case is not as nice as, for example, the case of AirPods.

The case not only allows you to store the headphones when you’re not using them, but also to charge them thanks to its built-in battery.

The box is small enough to fit in a pocket and is very light, weighing just 40 grams with headphones inside.

It has magnets that prevent the headphones from coming loose, even when positioned upside down. The lid closes tightly so there is no danger of them coming out.

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