OnePlus Nord 2 battery explodes during a bike ride

When we were all drooling over the latest iPhone, the OnePlus was busy entering a new market. In Europe, last year, they showed impressive growth to rival their competitors with devices like the Nord 2 5G, which is already proving its worth in our stores across Canada and the US. The device has some advanced features at an affordable price – is equipped with a battery of 4500 mAh with support of WarpCharge 65 Watt technology (based on SuperVooC technology sister company Oppo).

OnePlus managed to show significant growth internally and externally while launching innovative products as its latest release: the Chinese manufacturer owes these positive sales results in part thanks to its new line of mid-range smartphones called “Nord”.

In a recent tweet, Ankur Sharma from Bangalore shared his experience when he and his wife went on their daily bike trip. When they stopped to rest on the side of the road, she noticed that the suitcase containing her new OnePlus Nord 2 5G exploded in front of her causing both damage and injury with what was described as “a huge bang” followed by a horrible smell.

Ankur is a smartphone expert and was able to accurately identify what happened when his OnePlus Nord 2 exploded. He believes the Li-ion battery must have been a faulty unit; this would explain why it exploded so suddenly. The protective housing as well as other parts of the phone’s outer casing were also severely damaged by its explosion – which for Ankur could mean one thing: Li-ion batteries are dangerous if not handled correctly!

It is quite possible that this is an isolated case and does not mean that there is anything constructively wrong with this phone model. A bloated battery that explodes is unfortunately common in electronics. So it may be an isolated case.

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It cannot be ruled out at this time that the Nord 2 is a problem waiting to happen. Many still remember the Samsung and Galaxy Note 7 debacle, which was withdrawn from the market shortly after launch because it exploded in possession of several users. The company later claimed that the models had problems with fast charging capability due to the space between the heat-sealed protective pouch around the battery and the interior of the phone casing being too close. This issue can also affect the new Nord model; however, so far there have been no reports supporting such performance malfunctions or design flaws.

Meanwhile, the original Tweet was deleted, so surely OnePlus reached an agreement with this user. I don’t know if I’m more rested or worried that the problem “disappears” without being explained.

Source: LetsGoDigital

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