One of them is Tahsan Mithila, but…

On August 3, 2007, two popular stars Tahsan Khan and Rafiat Rashid got married in Mithila. 11 years have passed since then. They acted together. The couple starred in several dramas including Amar Kavale Tumi, Mr and Mrs, Landphone Days Prem and Madhuren Sampayet.

Apart from the drama, the duo also sang songs together. Mainly for these reasons, this couple was loved by the youth after marriage.

These young people were heartbroken in May 2017. The couple officially separated this month.

Then two on each side. Srijit Mukherjee, the popular director of Mithila, West Bengal, is married and lives in Kolkata. Tahsan is busy with acting and singing. But her friendship with her only daughter Aira Tehrim Khan is unbreakable.
There is no less mutual respect. Despite this, the two were never seen sharing the screen again. Sometimes an e-commerce site only had two of them live.

But the good news for Tahsan Mithila fans is that the duo is starring in a web series. The seven-part web series is titled “Baaji”.

It is being built by Arifur Rahman, the famous builder of “Matir Prajar Desh”.

However, with these manufacturers Artist Nobody spoke. They said they would announce details in a timely manner.

However, it was discovered that a part of the web series has already been shot. The shooting took place a few months ago at a four-star hotel. Apart from Tahsan Mithila, several stars have appeared in the series Artist. Tahsan is known to appear as one of them in the series cricketIn the role of And Mithila will be seen in the role of a journalist.

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It is being built for a domestic OTT platform. The series can be released this year.

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