Nvidia wants to replace nurses with significantly cheaper AI

Nvidia has announced a collaboration with Hippocratic AI, a healthcare company that offers generative AI nurses that cost just $9 per hour.

Hippocratic claims its virtual nurses can compete with real human nurses, which can cost $90 an hour, as its cheap AI agents offer medical advice to patients via real-time video calls.

Nvidia supports Hippocratic real-time responses via video call. In a demo released by Nvidia, a half-human AI agent named Rachel verbally instructs a patient on how to take penicillin.

The agent then tells the patient that he will report all of this information to his real human doctor. Rachel is one of many AI nurses that healthcare providers can choose from. according to a Hippocratic product page. AI nurses range from “colonoscopy screeners” to “breast cancer care managers,” all for less than minimum wage.

Hippocratic claims so Their AI nurses outperform human nurses in personal treatment and training and are not far behind in terms of satisfaction. Regarding a survey.

The Hippocratic collaboration was one of many announcements from Nvidia’s GTC 2024 conference, but this AI development was perhaps the most dystopian. Hippocratic says its AI nurses have been tested by thousands of human nurses and hundreds of human doctors. The company’s technology is being tested by more than 40 healthcare providers across the United States.

This is what the AI ​​company that works with Nvidia says Your generative AI nurses are not enough to make diagnoses. The healthcare AI agent is trained to involve a human when necessary. The name Hippocratic is inspired by the Hippocratic Oath.

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