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Notice to Milan: Morata does not give himself away

Notice to Milan: Morata does not give himself away

Morata will be one of the soap operas this coming summer. The future of the Atlético forward is unknown, although he is now himself a rojiblanco footballer, since he has a contract with the Cívitas Metropolitano entity until 2024. And Atlético is in no hurry to address the future of a player who continues to have a great poster in Italy. From this country it is pointed out time and again that both Milan and Juventus want him. It’s nothing new and it happens every summer. And the same will happen now. And those rumors will accelerate when the competition is over.

Morata, 30 years old, has not had a great campaign at Atlético, although it has not been disastrous either. It’s a bit in their numbers. He has scored 15 goals (13 goals in LaLiga and two in the Cup) in 45 official competition matches. And he has given three assists, two in the league championship and one in the Cup. In the Champions League he neither scored nor assisted and it has been where he has been worst. Like the whole team. The great mole of Atlético this season was not making it past the group stage and even staying out of the Europa League. It seems difficult for Atlético to be champion if they don’t have a striker who scores more than 20 goals per season.

But the numbers are what they are and one thing is very clear: Atlético will not give Morata away and whoever wants him will have to pay a significant amount. Last summer Juventus did not offer the 35 million that the Cívitas Metropolitano club wanted. From the leadership leadership of Atlético they warned him and nobody seemed to pay attention to them: Morata will not leave for less than that figure. And in the end he did not move from Atlético.

Will Milan pay that money? If from Italy they manage to disburse those 35 millionWhat striker can Atlético sign that is better than the Spaniard? There are higher level ones, but at prices that Atlético cannot reach.

Simeone is not in love with Morata, everyone knows it. Work, fight, fight but more goals are needed. The arrival of Memphis gave Atlético another air in attack, but the Dutchman is prone to injuries, so the outlook is not much better in this regard either. In the dressing room Morata is a beloved player, who has accepted the role of starter and also that of substitute. No problem with this.

Tranquillity. When Simeone meets with Berta and with the Atlético leaders, Morata’s name and that of possible substitutes will be put on the table. The fact that the Spaniard ends his contract in 2024 is not going to change the plans of the leaders either. It is not a priority in the rojiblanca sports management, although anything can happen with Morata’s future. Nor will there be pressure for him to renew.

It will also be necessary to see the movements that exist in the squad and this can affect both arrivals and departures. But Atlético warns: Morata will not be one of the bargains of the summer. And if Milan really loves him, they will have to make an economic effort to take him away. Because then the rojiblanco club is asked for exorbitant prices when he goes to the market.

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