Home Sports Jonathan Lastra: the top-ranked Spaniard in the Giro points to a stage

Jonathan Lastra: the top-ranked Spaniard in the Giro points to a stage

Jonathan Lastra: the top-ranked Spaniard in the Giro points to a stage

Seven Spaniards are part of this Giro d’Italia from the beginning in Pescara, one of the scarcest representations in recent years. But although the victories have not yet arrived, a good ground for it is coming. Mountain days, wasted time that does not pose a danger to the bosses and… leaks. Through one of them Jonathan Lastra (Bilbao, 29 years old) intends to debut his professional record in a big way. Making the leap to the World Tour in this 2023 by the hand of cofidis, After seven seasons at Caja Rural, Jonathan has established himself in this Pink Corsa As the best Spanish placed in the general (18th) and his sensations improve day by day. Before facing the decisive block of the race, he attends to AS.

—You make your debut this year in the Giro d’Italia and it has also become one of the most chaotic in recent times. How are you living it?

-Yes Yes. The truth is that you also live like this from the inside, from the outside. People are telling you. Five less yesterday, six that didn’t start, another two due to a crash… It’s been very, very chaotic. I don’t know if it will be the most or is on the way to it. And, well, in the end it is to survive.

—Right now he is 18th overall, his best participation in a grand tour so far. How do you plan what comes next in the race?

“I came here with the intention of finding leaks and achieving victory. And, for now, this week the goal remains that. And the last one is going to be a bit of holding on wherever I am and the forces hold.

—What stages are you considering to try to achieve victory?

—Today is a good opportunity (for yesterday, when he was on the run). Also the last day of this second week is a very good opportunity. The truth is that I also have a doubt in this week of stage 14, on Saturday. I think it will be a stage that no one will guess exactly what is going to happen. And, you know, fishermen’s gain to the troubled river.

—Between a stage victory or a good position in the general classification, he stays with the stage.

-Yes Yes. In the end, the general is difficult for it to go up much more, except if there are casualties. And because in the end I am not a pure climber. The last weeks are for pure climbers. I will try to keep what is there and try to find the stage.

—It’s your first year at Cofidis, after a lifetime at Caja Rural. How is he adapting to these first months of competition?

-The truth is that very well. It is a group of very good people and they have welcomed me very well. I am very happy and the truth is that I cannot say anything other than gratitude.

—What do you ask of what is left of Giro to leave happy?

—Being on the run, even if you don’t win, because you’ve also been fighting. Giving everything you can be there close. Then, if the general goes well, then leave everything there is to be able to do it well.

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