Home Sports Jordi Fernández is given the task of reviving Ben Simmons

Jordi Fernández is given the task of reviving Ben Simmons

Spanish coach Jordi Fernández has been chosen by the Brooklyn Nets as head coach of the New York team for next season

Jordi Fernandez escalated very quickly N.B.A after going through franchises like Denver Nuggets And Sacramento Kings and next season he will take over the management Brooklyn Nets. It’s not the ideal destination because the truth is that the franchise is currently in no man’s land. Everything points to a rebuild, but there are players of caliber All-NBA that can shine again.

This season, Brooklyn Nets ended up in eleventh place, relatively far from the play-in plans. The franchise, after two failed super projects like those of Kevin Garnett And Paul Pierce and that of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving And James Harden, you have to start from the beginning. And therefor, Jordi Fernandez was the chosen one.

Jordi Fernandez Ben Simmons
Jordi Fernández will try to recreate the best version of Ben Simmons

Jordi Fernández wants to recapture the best Ben Simmons in Brooklyn

This season, Brooklyn Nets has a roster made up of players who can be important in the league, such as Ben Simmons, Cam Thomas, Dariq Whitehead, Mikal Bridges, Cameron Johnson or Nic Claxton. However, everything indicates that the franchise will decide to transfer several of the mentioned players in order to obtain a lot of draft picks.

Cameron Johnson, Mikal Bridges and Nic Claxton have one very good poster in the NBA, as they are players who can take any team to the highest level. But The big problem lies with Ben Simmons, who has one season left on his contract and earns $40 million. That makes it one of the worst contracts in the league.

Ben Simmons, great pending report

The Australian point guard was ostracized in the NBA for several years as he struggled with a back injury that prevented him from playing for the past three years. His turbulent departure from the Philadelphia 76ers doesn’t help at all. Now, The arrival of Jordi Fernández begins a new phase in which Ben Simmons could regain his enthusiasm.

Although many have forgotten it, Ben Simmons was one of the best point guards in the NBA before his injury. A point guard who, despite not shooting from three positions, was one of the best defenders in the league and was capable of defending all five positions. In fact, at just 23 years old, he was already a three-time All-Star, All-NBA and All-Defensive. Something that led many to choose him over Joel Embiid. Whatever the case, now he has to start from scratch with Jordi Fernández with the Brooklyn Nets.

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