Like its competitors, NOS has been investing for several years in the digitization and dematerialization of its processes. This happens with the implementation of alternative solutions that allow a better customer experience and significant environmental savings.

Regarding electronic invoicing, this ambition of the operator translated, for example, into a very strong growth of customers who adopted electronic invoicing, which went from 40% in 2018 to 75% in 2021. That is, three out of every four US clients.

NOS prevents the felling of 3,458 trees per year

According to NOS figures, the digital transformation of processes saves 131 tons of paper per year. In this way, the felling of 3,458 trees necessary for its production is avoided.


It is also possible to substantially reduce the consumption of other printing materials, such as inks, glues and solvents, as well as the emission of greenhouse gases associated with transport, obtaining transversal gains in efficiency.

NOS saves more than 400 tons of paper with electronic invoice

The operator states that considering the period between 2018 and 2021, NOS’s commitment to the electronic invoicing process to the detriment of the invoice in paper format allowed an accumulated saving of 416 tons of paper.

“Our goal is to be an increasingly responsible company with the environment. For this, we invest more and more in technological and process reengineering, which makes our processes more agile, efficient and digital”, says Nuno Schiappa Cruz, director of the Digital Transformation area at NOS.

Also in internal processes, NOS increasingly adopts these practices. By 2021, it will have received more than 60% of supplier invoices electronically, totaling around 200,000 documents.

Shipping operations were also digitized and optimized, as well as the warehouse operating processes were redefined, which made it possible to eliminate 11 tons of paper and two tons of plastic.


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