Nintendo Switch Pro will be released in 2022

Nintendo is relatively successful in thwarting rumors and discrediting leakers’ words. The latter stated loud and clear for several weeks that the Kyoto company would announce the Switch Pro in June, before or during E3 2021. But that was not the case. Nintendo preferred to announce many games during Nintendo Direct organized parallel to the show in Los Angeles. Among them, we find in particular Metroid Dread, an episode that goes back to its roots in gameplay that fans of the show’s early hours loved so much.

So when should we expect Switch Pro? The latest leak comes from the SwitchUp YouTube channel. The latter posted a message to her Twitter account. You can find the last one below. The channel says the console will not be announced this year. There’s no need to wait for that in the coming months, whether it’s back to school, Thanksgiving or Christmas. Nintendo would have decided to advertise the console in 2022 and therefore wait another year before renewing the Switch, which continues to sell well.

Why should we believe this rumor more than the previous ones? Because the source seems to be more reliable than before. The SwitchUp chain would take this information from a Chinese video game accessory manufacturer. And according to him, Nintendo would have announced that the global release of the console would happen in 2022. Therefore, it is not necessary to produce accessories before that date. There is no more accurate information. This means that the console could be introduced both in June at E3 and in September with the Tokyo Game Show. Or on a completely different date.

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The Switch is eagerly awaited by Nintendo loyalists. The Switch is the least powerful of the consoles sold today. There are two reasons for this. First, its hybrid nature, which means it must be as powerful as it is energy efficient (for the sake of autonomy). So, because the competition has already renewed its offer (Xbox Series S/X and Playstation 5, at Microsoft and Sony, respectively). According to rumors, the Switch Pro will be able to display games in 4K when it is placed on its base, equipped with a more powerful Nvidia SoC and a larger Samsung OLED display. A great program, if it finally comes to fruition.

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