Netflix refutes the advances of Disney + and the Disney group in streaming, here the justification

The “war” of transmission of movies and series is booming, with the platform Disney+ rise above expectations and threaten the dominance of Netflix. Nonetheless, Netflix continues to lead the industry by juxtaposing the right subscriber and subscription metrics around the world.

Thus, below, it gives an account of the new advertising plan that the Disney platform will present. We also touch on the user/subscriber comparison. It is here, those responsible for Netflix point out, where the error lies, going into detail.

Subscribers and non-subscribers, the duel between Disney + and Netflix

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—Netflix Portugal (@NetflixPT) August 11, 2022

The communication agency highlights the importance of the context in which the subscription numbers and subscribers/subscribers were presented in the various recent publications. In this way we better explain this topic to safeguard the truth and continue with our mission to inform.

“Following Disney’s earnings announcement, there has been some confusion about the size of our respective streaming services;

  • Disney’s 221 million refer to subscriptions and not to subscribers (the metric we use at Netflix in our results).
  • In the US, Disney has 110 million subscriptions across Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+.
  • Therefore: Households with a bundle of all three Disney services count three times (versus those counted once as Netflix subscribers);
  • Households that subscribe to ESPN+ and Disney+ are counted twice separately (versus those counted once as Netflix subscribers)
  • All the information about how subscriptions are counted is on page 11 of your Results report(PDF document).
  • Netflix continues to lead the streaming competition in all key metrics: revenue, engagement, and paying subscribers.
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Netflix continues to lead in subscriptions (and subscribers) with 220 million

Those responsible for communication at Netflix Portugal highlight the need to differentiate between subscriptions and subscribers.

Specifically, “you should not compare the 221 million Disney subscriptions with ours (Netflix) 220 million subscribersyes The correct comparison would be with the unduplicated streaming subscribers revealed by Disney, as Variety has already updated.) As the CEO of The New York Times explained, subscriptions are a “bar” below subscribers.”

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