Microsoft Edge offers free VPN for all users

Microsoft wants to reverse its popularity curve in the market with the inclusion of new offers in its products. Following the announcement of the integration of ChatGPT in Bing, the company now offers a VPN in its Microsoft Edge browser.

This safe browsing option has been in the testing phase for about a year, but it is now ready to reach all users. In fact, it will be a great attraction for all those who care about their privacy while browsing the Internet.

Microsoft does not manage the VPN service built into Edge. To do this, it uses technology developed by Cloudflare, one of the market references in terms of this type of security and privacy solutions.

Microsoft Edge VPN has three levels of protection

The VPN service built into Microsoft Edge reaches out to all users with three levels of protection designed to meet different needs. Indeed, we have Basic, Balanced and Restricted levels.

Microsoft Edge VPN

The first level will grant a more limited level of protection, protecting you from prying eyes only on the pages you define in advance. That is, you must define the list of sites that will not collect your browsing information.

The second level (Balanced) is active by default and is the one that Microsoft recommends to all its users. According to the Redmond-based company, this mode “automatically protects your traffic when you use public Wi-Fi, insecure networks or access a website without a valid certificate (HTTP)”.

Finally, we have the most advanced level of protection that will hide user data from all traffic generated at Edge. At this level, even the traffic associated with streaming video and audio will be covered by the protection of this VPN.

So that you can choose the profile that best suits your needs, you must go to Settings and choose the Privacy, search and services menu. You’ll find the options I mentioned in the Control prevention section.

VPN is limited to 1 GB of bandwidth per month

Choosing the VPN action profile built into Microsoft Edge will be critical to how it works. This is because the service is not unlimited, with a bandwidth of 1 GB per month.

For the service to fully work, you need to link your Microsoft account to Edge. To check the amount of bandwidth still available, you need to click on a symbol similar to a shield in the upper right corner of the browser.

Finally, it should be noted that this service is gradually being made available to all users. I already have this option available in my browser, but if you don’t have it yet, it’s a matter of waiting a little longer and keeping your Edge always updated.

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